To say that this website is rarely updated is perhaps an understatement. We are one of few bands in the world who does not have a proper facebook account. Basically, we suck at promoting our band on social media!


But STILL, Ritual exists! In the real world!

Anyone who'd like to experience what this means should visit Sweden Prog Fest in Stockholm on Saturday November 21.


Apart from playing a couple of past ”hits”, and a completely new acoustic medley, we will also premier a few new songs from our upcoming 5th studio album. We are very excited about this!


The recording of the new album is underway and progressing (slowly, but progressing), so we thought we could devote a month or so to rehearsals for a live performance. It's fun to play together as a band for a change (working on the album doesn't always require everybody's presence at all times and is often a quite solitary undertaking). Playing this festival may also help to bring at least some attention to our hemulic voluntary band again, like a little statement: Ritual still exists.


We played at this event in 2012 (I think it was 2012) and it was a lot of fun. It's a two day festival (20-21 November) of progressive rock, with a nice lineup of really talented bands.


Status for the recording of the new album: Most of the drums, more than half of the bass, and some guitar has been recorded (in our own little studio/rehearsal room in Stockholm). It's a work of such magnitude, that it sometimes feels insurmountable. But the fact that we haven't given up on it and abandoned it after so many years, makes me certain that there is something worthwhile in the project.

To sum up: we have a lot of work in front of us, but we also have a fair amount behind us now!


Hope to see you at Sweden Rock Fest on Saturday 21, Bryggarsalen, Norrtullsgatan, Stockholm.





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